PV’s Daughter Doesn’t Know How To File Nomination Papers

Her father was known as the political Chanakya for his ability to manage politics. His political acumen was legion and he knew how to wriggle out of tricky situations. But, when it comes to his daughter, she appears every inch a political greenhorn who does not know how to even file a nomination paper.

Yes. We are talking about legendary prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao and his daughter Surabhi Vani Devi. On Monday, Vani Devi, who has been made the TRS candidate for the graduates MLC elections for the Mahabubnagar-Rangareddy-Hyderabad constituency, fumbled and messed up the submission of her nomination papers. She went to the returning officer to file her nominations by 3 pm on Monday. However, several documents and declarations that needed to appended were found missing. So, her associates scampered to her residence to get those papers. Till then, she had to wait at the returning officer’s office. Later, when the documents were brought, the returning officer gave her a list of papers that needed to be appended. The officer told her that she can file them by Tuesday. If they are submitted by Tuesday, her application would be deemed as accepted, failing which her nomination would be rejected.

The TRS has chosen Vani Devi as the party candidate. Many feel this is an attempt to cut into the Brahmin vote, which is increasingly rallying behind BJP’s N Ramachandra Rao. They argue that the TRS will end up supporting independent candidate Prof.Nageshwar and Vani Devi is used only as a vote-splitter.