Ram Charan Surprises In Sharwa’s Haldi Ceremony!

Tollywood’s handsome hero Sharwanand has finally become a groom last night and the wedding celebrations have officially begun in Jaipur where the whole event is taking place. The marriage ceremony going to take place today i.e 3rd June at 11 PM. The families, friends and the bride and groom are already in full celebration mode.

The wedding is happening in a royal palace located in pink city. The Haldi ceremony has already been completed and the Sangeet event too happened last night. The videos from the Haldi ceremony and Sangeet have gone viral already and Sharwa stole the spotlight as usual. He was seen around a lot of girls and danced for Chiru’s super hit number ‘Poonakalu Loading’ as well.

The Haldi and Sangeet events were attended by Sharwa’s good friend and Mega Power Star Ram Charan as well. He looked very active and spent time chatting with everyone. Sources claim that there are a lot of other celebrities too at the event. Sharwanand was dressed in a white kurta for the Haldi ceremony and everyone applied Haldi to his face.

When Sharwa’s turn came, he went wild as he applied Haldi on the faces of his cousins and friends. Everyone jumped into the swimming pool after that and it included the groom as well. Sharwa looked very happy and energetic in these videos.

The wedding ceremony including everything is a two day event. As we know, Sharwanand invited not just movie stars but celebrities too. He personally handed over the wedding invitations to a few. Reports suggest that Sharwa’s is a love/arranged marriage with Rakshitha Reddy who is a techie. She hails from a political family in AP and her father Madhusudan Reddy is a lawyer in Andhra Pradesh High Court while politician Bojjala Krishna Reddy is her grandfather.