Ram Charan Wishes Telangana People On Formation day!

June 2 has a big significance in Telangana as it is the date of its formation. The decades-long demand of having a special state was fulfilled in 2014 on June 2. Today marks the 10th year of state formation. The bill passed in Parliament made Telangana the 29th state with 10 districts and Hyderabad as the capital.

The State government planned massive celebrations for the big occasion. Dashabdi Utsavalu are planned and the celebrations would last for three weeks as part of this various programs would be held. Different events are planned for this.

On the big occasion of state formation day, Mega Powerstar Ram Charan extended his wishes to the people of the state. Saying that it’s been 10 years since the state was formed and we have made progress in all the fields, Ram Charan said that we are fulfilling the dream of Bangaru Telangana.

In a tweet, Ram Charan said that we are fulfilling the Golden Telangana dream by progressing in all the fields and extended his wishes for every sister and brother in Telangana on the eve of Decade celebrations.

“It will be 10 years since Telangana state was formed. In these ten years, we have made progress in all fields. We are achieving development in all fields and making the dream of golden Telangana come true. On the eve of Decade celebrations, my best wishes to all Telangana brothers and sisters,” Ram Charan said in his Tweet.