Rishi Sunak Supports His Counterpart On BBC’s Documentary!

The bloodshed riots in 2002 will go down as one of the dark episodes in the history of Gujarat. The inter-communal violence is said to have lasted for around three days. Thousands of victims from two communities lost their lives in the riots. Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister back then.

The riots made Narendra Modi not get a visa from the United States. However, he walked out freely from the issue after the Supreme Court gave a clean chit. Based on the evidence, the Apex Court said that Narendra Modi has no role to play in the riots.

But the recent documentary on the 2002 Gujarat Riots made by BBC kept many talking. The documentary says that Narendra Modi might have played a role in the riots and quoted the statements of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office.

India gave a harsh reaction to this and called the documentary propaganda. Citing the verdict of the Supreme Court, the Indian government said that the BBC is presenting the half-baked truths in the case.

Not just India the issue has rocked the politics in the United Kingdom as well. A Pakistan-origin MP raised the issue in the house and asked what the British government is feeling about this. Imran Hussain raised the topic in Parliament.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defended his counterpart on the issue. Saying that he will not support persecution anywhere, he said that he will not agree with the way Narendra Modi’s characterization was designed in the documentary.