Sameera Reddy Opens Up About Body Shaming She Faced!

Dusky heroine Sameera Reddy is well known for her glamour during the beginning stages of her career. She acted in many languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and others. After acting in a Kannada film in 2013, she bid goodbye to films and married a Mumbai-based businessman named Akshay Vardenchi in 2014. She is blessed with a son and the actress is quite active on social media.

Recently, she decided to promote body positivity and talk about taboo topics in society. She reportedly wants to stand in support of people doing through a lot of hate on social media. She is advising people not to get corrective surgery and be happy with what they have been blessed.

She said, “I think there was a crazy phase about 10 years ago where everybody was getting plastic surgery, boob job, change nose, bone structure. I had to always pad my chest and was told to get a boob job done. Many times, I would think, *Should I? Is this the norm?* because it was so openly spoken about and as an actor I questioned if I had to do it. But I didn*t and I am so grateful to God I didn*t because today I wouldn*t have been comfortable about it. But that being said there are many people who choose corrective surgery and it is their choice. If it makes them happy, I say live and let live who are we to judge.”

Sameera Reddy will soon be seen as a podcast host where she will be talking about please, sex and other important topics which are necessary to talk about but the society forces people not to.