Sandeep Reddy Calls Ranbir Kapoor ‘Effortless’!

The much-awaited ‘Animal’ is out in theatres now. The movie has Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s mark all over it and the opinions are going to be very contrasting as one would expect. The openings however are going to be fantastic and the official numbers will be coming out on Saturday. The movie is filled with boldness and madness which will either make you go crazy in a positive or a negative way.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga sounded pretty confident throughout the promotions and he praised his lead actor Ranbir Kapoor a lot. In a recent interview, he called Ranbir an ‘effortless’ actor and expressed his desire to make a movie with Ranbir Kapoor again. As we know, they announced ‘Animal Park’ at the end and Ranbir was shown in a very cruel manner in those scenes. His fans are hoping that ‘Animal Park’ gets made soon enough.

Vanga said, “He was flawless in action scenes and when it comes to performances, he was really effortless. I never saw him preparing much for his scene. I never saw him say, ‘Okay, I need 10 minutes to prepare’. I didn’t see any process going on. He was an effortlessly great actor. In fact, it was great working with Ranbir Kapoor. I would love to work with him again and again.”

Talking about casting Ranbir, the director revealed, “There are films like Rockstar, Tamasha, and a few others where I got to know that he’ll be great in an action or violent film. I don’t know baki logo ko dikhta hai k nahi (I don’t know if others can see it), but a writer-director can see that. That’s the only thing, and what surprised me was the action part of it. He’s very good at action.”