Tollywood’s Theater Turmoil: Dil Raju’s Dilemma

Dil Raju, a renowned producer and distributor in the Tollywood industry, is facing a major challenge in the coming days. He is Releasing the Telugu version of the highly anticipated movie Ponniyin Selvan 2, which is scheduled to release on April 28. However, on the same day, the movie Agent, starring Akhil Akkineni, is also set to release.

As the release date draws closer, there is increasing demand from Akkineni’s fans to allocate more theaters to Agent. The producers are hoping to give the movie the best possible opening by allocating top theaters in every town. However, with Ponniyin Selvan 2 also vying for screens, the allocation of theaters is becoming a point of contention.

The first part of Ponniyin Selvan did not do well in Telugu, which has affected the buzz surrounding the second part. Meanwhile, the producers of Agent are yet to start promotions, and there is no significant buzz surrounding the movie. Although Dil Raju has not commented on the situation, it remains to be seen how he will allocate the theaters between the two movies.

The release of Ponniyin Selvan 2 in Tamil Nadu and Kerala is expected to impact the opening and revenue of Agent. If the same happens in Telugu, it could spell trouble for Dil Raju, who is also producing and releasing Sakuntalam two weeks prior to these releases. Dil Raju has faced similar challenges in the past, and it remains to be seen how he will navigate this latest challenge.