TRS Losing Sympathy Of Andhras

TRS Losing Sympathy Of Andhras

Political circles are abuzz with discussion on how TRS is damaging its chances in Hyderabad and elsewhere in Telangana by repeatedly referring to Seemandhras as “settlers”, “Andhrollu” and “Seemandhrulu” in their election speeches.

People of AP-origin in Hyderabad voted for TRS unanimously in the GHMC elections in 2016 after KCR and KTR in their campaign speeches repeatedly said that there were no “Seemandhrulu” or ‘settlers’ in Hyderabad and TRS will treat all those living in Hyderabad as ‘Hyderabadis’ and “Telanganites.”

This created confidence among the Seemandhra people who voted for TRS by ignoring TDP, which was branded as “Andhra partyā€¯ by the TRS. However, of late, KCR and KTR in their election speeches are repeatedly talking about ‘settlers’, ‘Seemandhrulu’ etc, due to which an impression has been created that TRS has been treating them as outsiders.

The repeated verbal attacks of KCR and KTR on Chandrababu Naidu by referring to “Andhra” term has been creating discontent among Seemandhra population.

KCR’s comments referring to the Mahakutami as “Thu…Mee Bathukulu Cheda” have damaged the image of TRS more than that of TDP or Chandrababu.

While KCR’s comments have started damaging the TRS prospects by distancing Seemandhra population from TRS, KTR’s comments further escalated the situation. 43-year old KTR, who is just 43-year old and relatively a junior in politics threatening the 68-year old senior leader Chandrababu that he will see his end by entering AP politics did not go down well with Seemandhra population in Hyderabad.

KTR’s latest comments that TRS will enter AP politics and see the end of Chandrababu Naidu has further created a negative impact among Seemandhra population, who feel that they would have no objection to TRS leaders attacking TDP or Chandrababu politically but referring to the use of the “Andhra” term repeatedly has been creating a feeling of insecurity, insult and humiliation and giving an impression that they were ‘outsiders’ in Hyderabad.