Trump Acquitted At Impeachment Trial, On Both Charges

The impeachment trial against the US President Donald Trump has ended in favor of Trump and he is acquitted of both the alleged charges, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Donald Trump tweeted a while back that he will make a public statement tomorrow at 12 PM from the White House to discuss the Country’s ‘VICTORY’ on the Impeachment Hoax.

The Senate today voted to acquit Trump of two articles of impeachment. With votes of 52-48 on the ‘abuse of power’ the Senate found the President not quilty. Republican Senator Mitt Romney joined the Democrat and voted not guilty. The Senate found the President not guilty in the second article too by a vote of 53-47.

The impeachment inquiry and trial ends today with the acquittal of the President by vote, but regardless of the vote by Senate, Donald Trump will remain impeached forever. The two presidents too were impeached earlier regardless of the vote, former President Bill Clinton and President Andrew Johnson. Bill Clinton was impeached but acquitted in his Senate trial.

The Impeachment trial started based on a whistleblower’s complaint about Donald Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine President.