Unveiling the Guilty Inspiration behind Ahimsa, Teja’s Confusion

Director Teja, known for his candidness, has recently been giving perplexing and contradictory statements. During the prerelease event of his film Ahimsa, Teja’s speech left the audience puzzled.

He revealed that the film did not turn out well and admitted to making it out of guilt. Teja shared that late producer Rama Naidu had requested him to make a film with Abhiram Daggubati, and after ignoring Naidu’s calls, Teja felt remorseful and decided to fulfill his promise.

Teja also mentioned how he convinced producer Suresh Babu to proceed with the film, despite initial reluctance. However, after completing 90 percent of Ahimsa, Suresh Babu realized it wasn’t up to par and asked Teja to stop it.

Teja justified his decision by emphasizing that the film was not about commercial success but about keeping his promise to Naidu. This confusing narrative left both Rana and Suresh Babu, among others, puzzled.

Teja briefly touched upon his upcoming project with Rana, tentatively titled ‘Rakshasa Raju,’ but didn’t delve into details. He also shared an incident about selecting newcomers for Ahimsa, including an unusual decision influenced by a movie featuring Shakeela.