Upasana Says That Ram Charan Is Her Therapist!

Upasana Kamineni Konidela who became a mother last year has recently talked about the emotional and profound journey of motherhood. Speaking to Times Of India, she praised Ram Charan for being her biggest support system and how he became her therapist after the baby was born.

She said, “My husband is my therapist and moved in with me to my parents’ place (after they had the baby). I understand that it’s not the same for all mothers, so it’s vital for them to prioritise their well-being and seek professional help when needed.”

She added, “Charan’s loving attention and participation in raising Klin Kaara has enriched this phase of my life even further. Even her eating habits mirror his; she’s a true Konidela. Transitioning into motherhood has been a profound journey, but certainly not without challenges. They say behind every successful man there is a woman.

When he is shining, it’s great to be the shadow, and when I shine, he is secure enough to be mine.” She explained, “I learnt that there is so much beauty in being that person for him. He is that for me, and that support is really important.” Upasana has recently attended the Padma awards ceremony along with her in-laws and husband Ram Charan.