Why Lokesh Gets Excused While Atlee & Trivikram Face The Heat?

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj has taken Kollywood by storm with his intense gangster dramas and action thrillers like “Kaithi,” “Master,” and “Vikram.” While his films have garnered acclaim and box-office success, accusations of heavy inspiration from other works and potential plagiarism have also followed him.

Kanagaraj has emerged as a popular director, building a dedicated fanbase across south India, including Telugu states.
His unique style and ability to create interconnected narratives through Easter eggs have fueled a “Lokesh Cinematic Universe” craze.

Critics claim Kanagaraj borrows heavily from international films, citing similarities between “Vikram” and “The Departed” and “Leo” and “A History of Violence.”
Specific allegations concern “Master” and its supposed resemblance to the Malayalam film “Mudra,” with claims of scene-by-scene lifting and thematic similarities.
These comparisons spark debates about inspiration versus plagiarism, with some arguing that adapting existing ideas is acceptable, while others find the closeness problematic.
Double Standards and Nuances:

Kanagaraj is compared to other directors like Trivikram Srinivas and Atlee, who also face criticism for inspiration, leading to questions of potential biases.
It’s crucial to note that inspiration and plagiarism are distinct concepts, with the latter requiring proof of substantial, unauthorized copying.
Determining the line between homage, inspiration, and plagiarism can be complex and requires careful analysis of specific instances.
Moving Forward:

Kanagaraj’s upcoming project with Rajinikanth is highly anticipated, offering an opportunity to showcase his storytelling prowess and potentially address plagiarism concerns.
Open discussions and objective examinations of potential similarities across films are essential to fostering artistic integrity and fair criticism.