Writer Behind Telugu Heroine’s 1 Cr Remuneration

This writer is known for his ‘deal’ setting skills rather than his real writing skills. He is out of the scene from some time as most of his films started bombing as their writing is not that great. And then, he is known to be getting close with a controversial Telugu heroine, who was expected to become a big star but things went for a kaput due to a couple of bad moves.

Recently this Telugu heroine joined the latest film of this writer and that has come to know only after the trailer of the film released. Though the film has another leading lady, this Telugu heroine who played side-character got some attention, thanks to her relationship with the writer. But then, the real investor of the film is said to be crying foul regarding her pay packet.

Actually the writer is said to have forced his investor to pay nearly 1 crore for this Telugu heroine who would otherwise get not even 30 lakhs for a movie. As the girl is sitting idle from some time, it looks like the writer not only gave work to her but also got her pay of 3-4 movies together.

Also, the talk is that the writer wants to impress the young lady hence he made the investor pay her high. Because the lady is actually rumoured to be staying in a live-in relation with someone else, and not caring about this writer these days.