YCP Vs Janasena Flexi War Turns Intense!

The flex war is increasing the political heat in AP. The flex war between the ruling YCP and Janasena supporters is getting intense. We are seeing fights and issues over this in a few regions. The flexe war has been going on for a few days and the situation is such that it is YCP vs Janasena. A few YCP supporters erected flexes against TDP and Janasena.

In the flexis set up by YCP supporters, Pawan Kalyan was depicted as carrying the Pallaki of Chandrababu. They have quotations like it is a war between the poor and the rich. Janasena supporters set up counter flexes saying that the demon’s ruling should be ended and people’s ruling should be started. This is increasing fights between supporters and followers of both parties.

While YCP supporters set up flexes in a few areas, Janasena came up with counter-flexes. Police and Municipal staff are coming into the scene and are removing the flexes set up by Janasena supporters. Flexes and banners set up by YCP were not removed. Janasena supporters are not happy with this and they are raising their voices against this.

The flexe war is at peaks in Vizag, Palakollu, Ongole, and Nayudepeta. The flexes set up there are creating fights between the two parties. They are saying that YCP activists tore the flexes they set up and officials are also leaving the YCP’s banners and removing Janasena’s flexes. The flexe war in Palkollu became intense between YCP and Janasena. Janasena supporters are not happy with the flexes set up against Pawan Kalyan and they even filed a Police complaint. They are saying that the Police are not responding despite complaints.