AR Rahman Surprises with Dance

AR Rahman, the star music composer known for his humility and let his work speak for itself, has surprised everyone by showcasing his dance skills in a lyrical video song.

Despite not being known for dancing, the 56-year-old composer has gone above and beyond by incorporating choreography in the promotional song “Jigu Jigu Rail” for the film Maamannan, which stars Udayanidhi Stalin in a powerful role within a political thriller.

Rahman’s dance moves are undoubtedly the highlight of the song, adding an unexpected element to his already brilliant music. The video itself exudes a captivating black and white aesthetic, featuring well-balanced visuals of Rahman alongside children.

The song seamlessly blends Rahman’s iconic voice with the soulful vocals of his daughter, Khatija. The melancholic tone of the song aptly complements the political theme of the film, creating a powerful impact.

Witnessing Rahman’s dance mode is an absolute treat, as he effortlessly captivates the audience with his terrific moves. The combination of his dance, music, and visuals in the video creates a truly exceptional experience. Prepare to be amazed as you delve into this mesmerizing rendition brought to you by the legendary AR Rahman.