Jagan government announces relief plans for EBCs

Those who belong to the upper castes, and yet suffer due to poverty, are finally about to get some relief, with the newly announced EBC plan from the Andhra Pradesh government. Minister Perni Nani said that the government has passed a policy worth Rs. 670 Crores, which would highly benefit the economically backward class.

Women aged 45-60 would get a financial aid of Rs. 15,000 every year. The cabinet is also said to have approved for the implementation of the Navaratna calendar. The monthly schedule for 23 different schemes has also been released. More than 5.69 Crore people are said to receive financial aid and other aid, according to this calendar.

Under the Jagananna Vidya Deevena scheme, these economically backward people are said to get free education. With these schemes, here’s hoping that the economically backward people belonging to other castes, other than the BC, SC and ST community, will get some much needed financial aid, and be able to create a different future for themselves.