KTR calls out BJP’s ‘shameful distortion’ of COVID-19 funds figures

HYDERABAD: Using the statics provided by the Union Ministry of Health as a political weapon, TRS working president and MAUD Minister K T Rama Rao on Monday sought to nail the BJP for its smear-campaign against the State government that very little had been done in the management of Covid-19.

The TRS leader, referring to the Centre’s reply in Parliament that it had released only Rs 290.29 crore to Telangana as against the BJP state leader’s claim that the amount was Rs 7,000 crore, said that it only exposed their “shameful distortion” of the facts.

Rama Rao tweeted: “TS BJP MPs claim that Govt of India released a staggering Rs7,000 Cr to Telangana in the fight against Covid-19. The NDA Govt in response to a question, answered that all they had released to Telangana was Rs290 Cr! What an absolute shameful distortion & misleading propaganda (sic).” In a related development, replying to a query from RTI activist Sudheer Jalagam, the Telangana State Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation (TSMSIDC) revealed that Rs164.41 crore has been spent for the management of Covid-19 till September 14.

As per the TSMSIDC reply, Rs67,23,02,985 was spent on drugs, Rs 30,68,78,430 on surgicals, Rs 23,49,26,315 on civil and Rs 42,99,98,655 on other equipment.

The total donations received by the State from the public for management and containment of Covid-19 was Rs 18,26,24,038.

Sudheer Jalagam, meanwhile, suggested that the State government should disclose the funds released by the Central government and the expenditure incurred by the State for management Covid-19 on a monthly basis for better transparency.

The RTI reply made it clear that of the Central funds of Rs290.29 crore, after spending Rs164 crore, the State still has Rs144 crore, which includes Rs18 crore raised as donations for containment of Covid-19.

Rs 164.41 cr spent so far: TSMSIDC In an RTI reply, the TSMSIDC revealed that Rs 164.41 crore has been spent for the management of Covid-19 in the State till Sept 14. The donations received by the State govt for containment of Covid-19 was Rs 18,26,24,038.