Murder plot against minister, a drama by KCR

Bharatiya Janata Party Telangana unit president Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Thursday demanded a comprehensive inquiry into the alleged murder plot against state excise minister V Sriniva Goud to unearth the facts.

“We shall approach the highest investigation agencies and we shall not rest till the real conspiracy is unravelled,” Sanjay Kumar said, addressing the press conference at the party office in Hyderabad.

He said the high-voltage drama being enacted for the last two days by the Telagana Rashtra Samithi leaders under the direction of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, with regard to alleged plot to kill minister Srinivas Goud, turned out to be an utter flop.

“The story, screenplay and direction – all proved a miserable failure. It is pretty evident that in a bid to cover up the alleged corruption of the minister, the chief minister has committed more and more mistakes,” the BJP president said.

He regretted the role played by some IPS officers in the entire episode.

“In a bid to defend the ruling party, these officers are going against the law, thereby degrading their own value in the eyes of the people. They should remember that no government is permanent. If they violate the law, they would become ultimate victims of their own actions,” he said.

Sanjay Kumar said he was pained at the way senior leaders like D K Aruna and A P Jitender Reddy were also being dragged into the alleged murder plot.

“They had been in public life for a long time and strived for the development of Mahabubnagar for decades. It is unfortunate that the TRS leaders attacked their houses,” he said.

He reminded that Jitender Reddy, a soft-spoken leader, had been an MP twice and had earlier worked in the TRS.

“KCR should disclose how many times Reddy was involved in murder plots when he was in the TRS,” he said.

The BJP president said neither of the BJP leaders was mentioned in the First Information Report or the remand report of the police.

“Yet, the TRS leaders have been indulging in their character assassination,” he regretted.

Sanjay Kumar asserted that the BJP would never encourage or defend murder politics.

“Even if the murder attempt is on a common man, let alone a minister, the BJP will not tolerate it,” he said.

He, however, pointed out that only those who had approached the court and the Election Commission of India complaining against electoral malpractices of Srinivas Goud were implicated in the murder case.

He reminded that even the human rights commission had directed the government to provide security to them.

“I cannot speak more than that, because the issue is sub judice. The facts will come out in the court of law. But it is very clear that the TRS is trying to malign the BJP and filing false against those who questioned the illegal activities of Srinivas Goud, only because all the surveys indicated the growing people’s support to the BJP,” he said.