My party’s show-cause notice is like EVV movie – RRR gives a shocker!

YCP Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju, who already caused enough trouble to the ruling party in AP now made some comments on YCP’s No.2 Vijay Sai Reddy and his party which will further hurt them more.

Speaking to a popular media house, Krishnam Raju said, that he felt like he was reading the popular director EVV Satyanarayana’s script when he read Show cause notice issued by the YSRCP National general secretary Vijay Sai Reddy. Legendary filmmaker EVV Satyanarayana is well known for his numerous comedy films.

MP Raju said that he received those notices for protecting the constitution in the state and remembered the incident when Jagan went furious with him for speaking about the greatness of the mother tongue in Parliament. Later Raju said that he explained Jagan how unconstitutional it is to make English medium mandatory in government schools even though his party made it a part of their manifesto.

Raghu Rama Raju further clarified that there is no truth behind BJP offering him a ministry. He said that if the BJP wanted to give him one, they would have given him when he was in YSRCP and there is no need to shift the party for the sake of ministry. He said that he is not at all interested in joining BJP and also reminded that it is well against the rules and his own principles.