Odisha Train Row Left Irreplaceable Pain For Many AP Families!

The peaceful state of Odisha is in the news since yesterday due to the deadly Railway accident. Three trains collided with each other and hundreds of victims breathed their last. Their families are crying their hearts out for their loved ones. It is so heart-wrenching to see people crying for help and trying to help their loved ones who were injured.

The count of victims and dead victims kept on increasing as the rescue operations went deeper. A few teams from different states reached the spot for the rescue. Their collective efforts resulted in shifting the injured victims to the nearby hospital for treatment.

Well, the Train accident left a big impact on Andhra Pradesh as around 100 people from the state are said to have breathed their last. (Shalimar- Madras) Coromandel Express and (Yashwantpur – Howrah) Express collided with each other. There are over 300 people from Andhra Pradesh on the two trains.

The majority of the victims were supposed to get off at various Railway Stations in Andhra Pradesh. Sadly, before they could get off at the destination stations they met with a deadly accident and breathed their last. It is said that there are 178 passengers alone on the Coromandel Express.

Odisha and West Bengal enjoy a good portion of the Telugu population. AP also has a Bengali population as the shore city Vizag is the home for many Bengali. AP people coming here and going to other state are onboard in the two trains.

A team of members from Andhra Pradesh reached the spot after the accident to offer help. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy expressed his shock over the incident and offered the required help in the tough time.

The mishap is believed to have happened when the Coromandel Express took the wrong track. Instead of the main track, the express train took the loop line. Its bogies were all over the place and the bogies resulted in a goods train and Howrah Express colliding. A few eyewitnesses recalled what happened and said that everything turned upside down all of a sudden and there were chaotic scenes all over.