Dil Raju Announces A Press Meet On ‘Varisu’ Issue!

Star producer Dil Raju is facing a lot of heat from everyone in recent times. He is in the news a lot and all of them are for the wrong reasons. He faced a lot of criticism over the allegations of pushing ‘Karthikeya 2’ back just to have a good release for ‘Thank You’ which was produced by him. This issue damaged the image of Dil Raju a lot.

The ‘DJ’ producer has to work very hard to prove his innocence at that time. During the strike, his explanation for continuing the shooting of ‘Varisu’ earned him a very bad image. After that, his upcoming production ‘Varisu’ pulled him into another controversy. He decided to get more theatres for this dubbing films during the Sankranti season while biggies like Megastar’s ‘Waltair Veerayya’ and Balakrishna’s ‘Veera Simha Reddy’ are releasing.

This led to a lot of criticism and there is a huge debate going around regarding this controversy. It looks like Dil Raju has decided to respond on this after a long silence. During the success meet of ‘Masooda’, Dil Raju stated that he wll be holding a press meet about ‘Varisu’ soon. He added that people are misunderstanding him a lot lately and claimed that there is a second side to every story.

He told that he is passionate towards films and is dubbing ‘Love Today’ in order to showcase a good story to the Telugu audience. He states that he doesn’t get a single rupee from it and it is only for passion. He concluded by saying that a press meet will be held regarding ‘Varisu’ and everything will be discussed in detail.