‘Bandaa’ Gets Theatrical Release After Coming Out In OTT First!

There are not many people who vividly used OTT platforms before the lockdown. But the coronavirus turned out to be a huge push for the digital streaming services as it became an integral part of everyone’s lives. People who couldn’t watch movies in theatres in the last three years turned towards OTT platforms and they got themselves exposed to content from all over the world. Even after the theatres reopened, a lot of people are still preferring to watch it on OTT platforms after waiting for 3-4 weeks.

A lot of producers too decided to have direct digital releases in order to make good money. Now, these online streaming services are coming up with new releases every Friday just like theatres. Also, there are no issues like theatre availability and promotions for digital content. The producers can happily come out with table profits and people are more welcoming to new content in OTT platforms than in theatres. One such film is Manoj Bajpayee’s ‘Bandaa’. This movie was released directly on a popular OTT platform and it is released in theatres later.

‘Bandaa’ released in theatres just one week after it was released on ZEE5. It created a new record by taking this route and Apoorva Singh Karki is the director of this film. It was released on 23rd May on ZEE5 and it is now getting good collections in theatres of Maharashtra.

The story is about a woman who tries to file a complaint on a famous Baba accusing him of sexually harassing her. No one believes her but a lawyer understands her and takes up her case. He fights not just for that girl but for many women who fell into the Baba’s trap. The case goes on for five years and what happens after that forms the rest of the story. As soon as the trailer was released, a renowned Ashram sent legal notices to the makers and it brought a lot of buzz on the movie. More than 200 million views came for this film in just a week.