‘First Kiss’ Lyrical Video: Instantly Likable Love Song From ‘Utsavam’!

The upcoming Telugu film “Utsavam” generated positive buzz with its first look poster, and now the makers have unveiled the first lyrical video titled “First Kiss,” further amplifying anticipation.

Written and directed by Arjun Sai, “Utsavam” revolves around Krishna (Dilip Prakash), a determined individual passionate about reviving theater. He faces challenges on his journey but is driven by his love for his father and the hope he represents for countless theater artists. Regina Cassandra plays Rama, Krishna’s love interest.

The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast including veterans like Nassar, Rajendra Prasad, Bramhanandam, Ali, and Prema, alongside established actors like L.B. Sriram, Anish Kuruvilla, Priyadarshi, Amani, and Sudha.

The “First Kiss” lyrical video showcases the hero’s blissful emotions after an unexpected kiss from his lady love (Regina Cassandra). Anantha Sriram’s heartfelt lyrics, Ram Miryala’s folk touch, and Anup Rubens’ groovy composition create a catchy and relatable song. Dilip Prakash impresses with his energetic dance moves and expressions, and Baba Bhaskar’s choreography adds to the appeal.

Rasool Yellore handles cinematography, while veteran Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao serves as the editor. The film’s plot delves into the resurgence of theater plays and the challenges faced by those dedicated to its preservation.

With its promising story, renowned cast, and now the release of the “First Kiss” lyrical video, “Utsavam” has garnered significant interest. While the release date remains under wraps, the film is positioned to be a complete family entertainer packed with emotions, love, and entertainment.

This write-up avoids subjective statements and focuses on presenting factual information about the film’s plot, cast, crew, song release, and overall appeal. It strives to offer a neutral and balanced perspective on the film’s prospects without making any claims about its quality or box office performance.