‘Godhra’ Teaser: Another Controversial Movie In Bollywood!

The filmmakers in the Hindi film industry are constantly coming up with movies that are based on controversial subjects. We have seen movies like ‘Kashmir Files’ and ‘The Kerala Story’ in recent times. There is a film made on how the Indian government withstood the attacks from within during the Coronavirus period. Now, they are arriving with another movie and it is titled ‘Godhra’.

This movie is based on the 2002 Sabarmati Train accident and its consequences of it. The tagline of it is ‘Accident or Conspiracy?’. This itself explains the level of controversy this movie is going to deal with. As we know, the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was accused in this care and the makers are going to dwell deeper into the happenings and give us a detailed insight of what happened.

We have seen a lot of movies that are spreading propaganda these days. We need to wait and see which side does ‘Godhra’ belong to. Shivaaksh is the director of this movie while Purohit and Ram Kumar Pal are the producers. Om Trinetra Films is the banner bankrolling this project and the cast and crew will be revealed soon.