Gujarat Riots: Court Acquits 22 Victims In the Case!

It’s been more than two long decades since the 2002 Gujarat riots happened. When almost everyone forgot the violent incidents, the recent documentary made by the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) brought the old issue back into the news. The Indian government dubbed the documentary a false narrative and almost banned it.

This made people talk about the Gujarat riots again. The opposition parties are breathing fire on the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) for stopping the documentary in India and they are alleging that the Indian government wants to suppress the truth that happened back.

Amid this, a local court in Gujarat acquitted as many as 22 accused in the case saying that there is no evidence against them. They are facing allegations of killing the victims and burning their bodies in a bid to destroy the evidence of their crimes.

22 people are accused of killing and 11 people from the minority community. The victims include two children. The accused allegedly went on rioting in the Delol village and killed the victims. After their crimes, they allegedly burnt the bodies. They have been facing the allegations.

An FIR was registered against the 22 accused two years after the riots in 2004. The case has been going on since then. As a big relief for them, the accused were let go in the case. The additional sessions court acquitted them saying that there is no evidence to prove their wrongdoings in this.

The case trial went on for a long period that,eight of the 22 accused passed away in the due period. Now the rest of the accused were given a big relief as the prosecution could not produce concrete shreds of evidence in the court to prove the allegations.

February 27, 2002, was the date that will not be forgotten by the people of Gujarat. On the very same day, a bogie of the Sabarmati Express was burnt by an angry mob. As many as 59 people were burnt to death as they could not escape from the bogie. The majority of the victims are believed to be Karsevaks who were returning from the temple city of Ayodhya. This gave birth to big violence in many parts of the state.