Karthika Deepam update, March 17: Karthik gets a promise from Hima

In the latest episode of Karthika Deepam, Anand Rao and Soundarya are afraid of Karthik and his bizarre behaviour of late. Murali Krishna arrives with the wish to thank Karthik for bringing back Deepa. Soundarya tells him that he is in a bad mood and meeting him now is not a good idea. Murali Krishna leaves understanding the situation.
On the way to school, Sourya asks Deepa why she disappeared after Karthik revealed about Hima’s mother at the birthday party. Deepa denies leaving for that reason. She doesn’t reveal the truth, too. Varanasi also finds fault with Deepa for abandoning Sourya. He adds that Karthik has taken care of Sourya during that time.
When Hima tells Karthik that Sourya is coming to the school, Karthik has a slip of the tongue. He says that’s the reason why he asked Hima not to go the school. This reply leaves Hima puzzled. She complains that he has changed a lot of late. Karthik emotionally claims that he hasn’t changed and will never change, too. He further gets Hima to promise that she will listen to no one but him. Despite getting Hima’s word, he is worried that she and Sourya may not keep up their promise.
Sourya informs Deepa that Karthik has ordered Hima to stay away from school. Deepa, who grasped Karthik’s intention, bursts into tears. Sourya says she is afraid if she (Deepa) would again abandon her. Deepa consoles her and assures not to go anywhere.