Minister Koppula Eshwar responded to comments made by Etela on TRS

The comments made by former minister Etela Rajender were embroiled in controversy. TRS Ministers countered Etela’s comments. Speaking at a press conference, Koppula Eshwar said that ministers had given high priority to Etela in the party and questioned where his self-esteem had been damaged. He said that people who participated in the Telangana movement were currently in positions.

Minister Eshwar said, “Etela was given the post of the minister as well as KCR handed over important departments to him. The key portfolios were handed over to Etela along with the ministerial post. The allegations that Ministers lack prominence in the party are baseless.” He questioned, “ Does he do not know that assigned lands should not be bought or sold? Being a minister, why he had brought those lands?”