Nagababu pledges Orange collections to JanaSena

On the occasion of Ram Charan’s birthday on the 27th of March, Mega fans have organized special shows of Orange all across the Telugu states.

In an interesting announcement today, Nagababu has announced that the collections from the special shows of Orange will be donated to JanaSena fund.

Every single rupee from Organe special show collections in the Telugu states will go to JanaSena fund, and the same was announced by the producer of the film and key JanaSena leader, Nagababu a short while ago.

This should further propel the collections of Orange, knowing the collections are to be spent on a noble cause.

The film will have its re-release on the 25th and 26th of March. Charan’s fans and mega fans have made grand preparations for the same as they wish to celebrate RRR star’s birthday in a grand manner.