Nani & Nithin’s Battle Against Animal & Salaar Mania

After the whirlwind of elections in Telangana, the spotlight has swung back to the world of movies. Among the chatter, the talk is mostly about the astounding success of ‘Animal’ at the box office and the skyrocketing buzz around the trailer launch of ‘Salaar.’ These movies have, in turn, posed a significant challenge for two other heroes in the industry.

Nani’s ‘Hi Nanna’ and Nithin’s ‘Extra Ordinary Man’ are set to hit the big screens on December 7th and 8th respectively. Their respective film crews are now launching a full-fledged promotional blitz. Nithin has taken to promoting his film at various malls and outdoor events this Friday, while Nani is busy with TV interviews. The looming December 3rd date, marking the poll-results day, necessitates that both Nani and Nithin push hard to divert attention from the Animal and Salaar frenzy towards their films, ensuring a grand opening.

The big question remains whether traditional promotional tactics such as interviews, press releases, teasers, trailers, and songs will suffice in the current scenario for ‘Hi Nanna’ and ‘Extra Ordinary Man.’ Nonetheless, this weekend is expected to be dominated by the Animal and Salaar fervor, leaving Monday as the starting point for these two movies to kick off their real promotional strategies.

As the race for attention intensifies, it’s a wait-and-watch game to witness if Nani and Nithin can effectively navigate through the Animal+Salaar wave to carve out their space in the audience’s minds before their movie releases.