Netizens Asking For Mahesh Babu’s Review On ‘Malli Pelli’!

Something bad happens at times even if you try to do good. This is a common scenario in social media and superstar Mahesh Babu is the latest victim of that. He tweeted about a film but the buzz around another movie got stuck to him unnecessarily leading to the netizens ragging him.

Recently, Mahesh Babu made a tweet about the movie ‘Mem Famous’. He said that he watched the movie and liked it. He praised Sumanth Prabhas who directed the movie apart from acting as the hero. He added, “Blown away by the performances of each and every actor in the film, especially writer, director and actor @SumanthPrabha_s – what a talent! The visuals, background score and all the crafts sit perfectly. Can’t believe a bunch of debutants made this film! Congratulations to @SharathWhat, @anuragmayreddy and the young team for this film. Proud of you guys for backing this talent!”

Not stopping there, he made another tweet claiming that he will be more than happy to back this young talent under his banner. It is great that a superstar is promoting such a small movie but another movie is releasing on the same day and it is ‘Malli Pelli’ featuring Mahesh’s stepbrother Naresh in the lead. The senior actor is the producer too and it is creating a lot of noise due to the chemistry of the lead actors on and off the screen.

Now, the netizens are cheekily teasing Mahesh Babu to post a review about his relative Naresh’s ‘Malli Pelli’ movie too and post his review. This ragging has become too much. There is a Mahesh Babu reference in ‘Malli Pelli’ and we need to see if Mahesh really talks about this flick or not.