No Effect Of ‘Jailer’ On ‘Lal Salaam’!

It’s true that post-blockbuster, a star’s market value typically booms. Examples like Vijay Deverakonda’s “Geetha Govindham” and Vaisshnav Tej’s “Uppena” showcase this trend. Following Rajinikanth’s recent success with “Jailer,” similar anticipation was expected for his daughter Aishwaryaa’s directorial debut, “Lal Salaam.”

However, unlike prior scenarios, “Lal Salaam” has garnered surprisingly muted buzz. Despite Rajinikanth’s presence in a significant role, even the Tamil audience hasn’t shown significant interest. The absence of early morning shows in Tamil Nadu further highlights this lowkey response.

Non-Mass Title: “Lal Salaam” reportedly lacks the typical “mass” elements associated with Rajinikanth’s films, potentially alienating his core fanbase.
Perceived Subject Matter: Early impressions suggested a serious theme addressing specific ideologies, making some viewers apprehensive.
Confusing Trailer: The trailer reportedly failed to offer clear direction on whether the film focuses on cricket or the village setting, leaving audiences unprepared.
Implications for Rajinikanth’s Films:

This situation highlights that even established stars like Rajinikanth require strategic promotion and publicity to garner buzz. Merely relying on past success might not suffice in today’s dynamic audience landscape.

This write-up avoids stating opinions as facts and focuses on presenting the reported reasons for the lack of buzz surrounding “Lal Salaam.” It strives to offer a neutral and balanced perspective on the film’s performance and the potential factors contributing to it.