Pooja Hegde’s South Indian Cinema Return: Back to Where it Began?

Satyadev’s action drama “Krishnamma” generated a pre-release buzz fueled by the actor’s promotions and the presence of big directors at the trailer launch. Presented by acclaimed director Koratala Siva and produced by his friend Krishna, the film offered a rustic setting and action-packed narrative. However, critical and audience reception was mixed, and box office collections were underwhelming.

What truly surprised audiences was the film’s swift transition to OTT. “Krishnamma” became available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video within a week of its theatrical release. This unusual move has sparked discussion.

Reports suggest the reason behind this lies in the film’s budget and digital rights. Made on a budget of 7 crores, “Krishnamma” initially received an offer of 8 crores for its non-theatrical rights from a streaming platform. However, this offer came before the release of Koratala Siva’s directorial venture, “Acharya.”

“Acharya’s” performance, marked by delays and a lukewarm reception, reportedly impacted Koratala Siva’s brand value. Consequently, negotiations for “Krishnamma’s” non-theatrical rights resulted in a significantly lower offer of 3 crores – a stark contrast to the initial proposal.

Given these circumstances, it appears Amazon Prime Video may have secured the rights earlier, potentially pushing for a quicker release date on their platform. This aggressive strategy resulted in “Krishnamma” bypassing a longer theatrical run and arriving on OTT within a week of its theatrical debut, much to the surprise of the audience.