Prakash Raj Indirectly Says What Rahul Said On Modi!

The alleged comments made by Rahul Gandhi back in 2019 came back to haunt him. Holding him guilty for the comments he made, a court convicted him and granted him two years of jail term. Shortly, the Parliament declared Rahul Gandhi disqualified and issued a press release saying the same.

Rahul Gandhi attacked Nirav Modi, and Lalit Modi and asked why the thieves in India have the common name of Modi. He also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Blaming one entire community for a few made the Modi community hurt and an MLA moved the court.

When so much is going on about the comments Rahul Gandhi said, actor-politician Prakash Raj supported him. With a post, he indirectly said what Rahul Gandhi said. Prakash Raj asked what Rahul Gandhi said with a simple picture. His tweet created a sensation.

Sharing the picture of Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi, and Narendra Modi, Prakash Raj asked what is common between them. Though there is no information on why the actor-politician shared the picture, many say that he might have shared it to extend his support.

After coming to power, Narendra Modi started facing criticism that his government is not acting strongly against the fugitive businessmen and not taking strict action. On top of this, the government is writing off loans given to big businessmen.

BJP came to power with the promise of fighting the black money. But the fugitive businessmen Nirav Modi and Lalit Modi were not arrested yet. Rahul Gandhi might have pointed out that.