‘Prathinidhi 2’ Movie Review

'Prathinidhi 2'
Cast: Nara Rohith, Siri Lella, Dinesh Tej, Sapthagiri, Sachin Khedkar, Jisshu Sengupta, Udaya Bhanu, Ajay Ghost and others.
Directed by: Murthy Devgupthapu
Produced by: : Kumar Raza Bathula, Anjaneyulu Sri Thota & Surendranath Bollineni
Music by: Mahati Swara Sagar
Release Date: 10/05/2024
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'Prathinidhi 2' Movie Review

Hero Nara Rohith who used to arrive at different movies on regular basis has taken a sabbatical from films. He is now returning with ‘Prathinidhi 2’ and the promotional content impressed the audience. Popular news presenter Mruthy became a director with this film. While ‘Prathinidhi’ was a good hit, let us see how ‘Parthinidhi 2’ turned out.


Orphan Chetan alias Che (Nara Rohith) is a news channel presenter. Even before joining the job, he tells the chairman that he goes to any length to fight injustice. His straightforwardness causes a lot of problems to the politicians. Minister Gajendra (Ajay Ghosh) loses his position due to an interview with Chetan. He even gets suspended from the party. He competes in the byelections. In the meanwhile, Chief Minister Prajapati (Sachin Khedkar) passes away in an accident. Just when his son Viswa Prajapati gets ready to take the oath as the new Chief Minister, the news comes out that Prajapati did not die. Everyone is shocked and what is the reason behind all this forms the crux of the story.


‘Prathinidhi 2’ is one of the most notable films in the filmography of Nara Rohith. The different story, gripping narration and hard-hitting dialogues were liked by many. When ‘Prathinidhi 2’ arrives, one expects the same things. Also, the movie is directed by Murthy who is one of the most popular journalists in the Telugu media arena. All these added up to the hype on the film. But making a political movie is different from sitting in the studio and analyzing a political scenario that already happened. Being a director is even harder and it is proved with ‘Prathinidhi 2’. Being one of the top journalists, the way Murthy has written scenes like a novice who doesn’t know how the security around the Chief Minister works. This will shock everyone. Is it really possible to blast bombs at CM’s camp office. When everyone believes that the CM is dead and buries the duplicate body while his son gets ready to become the new Chief Minister. But the CM comes out declaring he is not dead. What more can you expect from a movie where there are such silly scenes?

There are many illogical scenes in the movie that are far from convincing. It is a huge joke in theatres when CM returns after the funeral is done. People lose interest here itself. They understood that the overconfident hero will solve all the challenges thrown at him without breaking a sweat. There is a lot of convenience and complacency in the writing. Even the CBI investigation appears unnatural in the movie. We don’t understand the scene sequence and the dialogues and scenes are completely targeted at YSR Congress Party and Jagan Mohan Reddy. There is confusion all over and we don’t understand if this movie is made for a political purpose or for a commercial reason. There is no clear end point in the movie which makes it wavered. They spoiled the name of ‘Prathinidhi’ and what’s even more shocking is the fact that Murthy himself made it clear that ‘Prathinidhi 3’ will answer all the unanswered questions in the second part.


Despite taking a brief gap, Nara Rohith appeared confident on the screen. He suited the role of Chetan perfectly. But his fitness took a beating in recent times. He appears to be overconfident in a few scenes which worked against the film’s flow. Sachin Khedkar is perfect as the Chief Minister. Jisshu Sengupta as the CBI officer goes overboard in many places. But his character is written in that banner. Srikanth Iyengar acted in his regular fashion and Dinesh Tej as CM’s son had nothing to do. Ajay is okay as a political strategist which reminds us of Prasanth Kishore. Tanikella Bharani is used in a regular role and Prudhvi makes you laugh at places. Ajay Ghosh is decent while the heroine Srini Lella had nothing much to do in this movie.


The one person who did a fantastic job in this movie is Mahati Swara Sagar. His background score lifted the film to an extent. It was intense and tried to elevate many scenes. There is no scope for songs in the movie and the one song is passable. The visuals are fine and production values are strictly okay. Writer-director Murthy Devagupthapu lacked clarity in the story. He presented it in an even more confusing manner. When making a movie about politics, the characters and scenes should be realistic. But it is not what happens in ‘Prathinidhi 2’. They took a lot of cinematic liberties and it becomes unbearable after a point. The dialogues are okay in places but Murthy failed as a director and writer.

Verdict: ‘Prathinidhi 2’ – A Wavered Attempt!

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