Sachin Tendulkar Praise Worthy Comments On No-Tobacco Stand!

Sachin Tendulkar is not just a name and he is an emotion for Cricket fans not just in India but across the globe. He played for the country for over two decades and this is still a record. During his stint, Sachin Tendulkar set up many records that would go down as unbreakable.

Scoring a century of centuries is among the massive records he added to his name. The dedication and love he had for the sport made him play for such a long. Noted commentator Harsha Bhogle said that Sachin used to work hard during practice.

Sachin Tendulkar was nominated to Rajya Sabha and was even honored with the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna and he is the only sportsperson to get the honour. There is another specialty that makes Sachin Tendulkar special. He has been following the policy of no-tobacco policy.

Sachin Tendulkar never promoted tobacco products and even did not have stickers of Cigarette companies on his bat while playing for India. No matter how much money he was offered Sachin never changed his stand and he still follows the same. He talked about this at an event.

Sachin said that he had promised his father that he would never endorse tobacco products. My father told me that I am a role model for many and people would follow me. I started getting offers for endorsement during my early stages. But I did not endorse them. I did not even put up stickers of tobacco companies, he said.

“It was a promise I made to my father. He told me that I am a role model and many people will follow my work. That’s why I have never supported tobacco products or alcohol. In the 1990s, I didn’t have a sticker on my bat, I didn’t have a contract. But everyone on the team was endorsing two brands in particular – Wills and Four Square,” Sachin Tendulkar said.