Sharukh Khan Son’s Rumored GF Grabs Spotlight Online

In the realm of entertainment gossip, one rumor has been swirling faster than the paparazzi can snap: Is Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan, romantically involved with Brazilian actress and model Larissa Bonesi? While neither party has confirmed the speculation, online chatter is reaching a fever pitch.

Aryan’s recent Instagram activity has fueled the fire, with eagle-eyed fans noting his follows not only of Larissa but her entire family. In a reciprocal move, Larissa and her kin are also keeping tabs on Aryan. Furthermore, rumors gained traction when reports surfaced of Aryan sending a birthday gift to Larissa’s mother, a gesture that she graciously acknowledged on her Instagram story.

Adding fuel to the rumor mill, a video allegedly featuring Aryan Khan alongside Larissa Bonesi emerged on Reddit. Larissa, hailing from Brazil, has been making waves in her native showbiz scene, transitioning from successful modeling to acting in music videos for top artists. While Aryan Khan is charting his own path in the industry, focusing on directing with his debut web series “Stardom,” he’s not entirely separate from his father’s sphere.

Collaborating with Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan directed a commercial for the Dyavol X brand, which also featured his sister, Suhana Khan. Despite keeping mum on his personal life, Aryan’s professional endeavors continue to captivate audiences, leaving fans eager for more.