Suresh Babu’s Interesting Comments On Chandrababu’s Arrest!

Films and politics are not just the two most discussed aspects. But they are almost inter-related. But the situation is quite different for the Telugu Desam Party. As the party was founded by Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao aka NTR, the party has close ties with the industry and its people.

The same has been the case even after Chandrababu Naidu became the party chief. Despite this, there is no strong response from the industry and the industry bigwigs on Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest. People like Raghavendra Rao, and Aswani Dutt reacted to his arrest. But this is not enough.

Noted producer Natti Kumar also expressed his shock over the silence of the star heroes and producers on the issue. He openly asked what was stopping them from reacting to the issue.

Now veteran producer Suresh Babu made some key comments. Saying that the issue is sensitive and the industry has been keeping its distance from such issues, Suresh Babu said that the industry stays apolitical. He made these comments when asked about the issue.

Reacting to the ties TDP has with the industry and the support the party gave to the industry, Suresh Babu said that his father was a TDP man and served as an MP. We may have personal inclinations towards parties or leaders. But as an industry, we don’t make any political statements. We are filmmakers and we are here to make films, the senior producer said.