The Story Behind ‘Sumanth Prabhas’ Name

The much-anticipated film Mem Famous, directed by Sumanth Prabhas, is creating a buzz of excitement as its worldwide release on May 26 draws near. With captivating promotional videos and a trailer that has garnered positive attention, the film has piqued the curiosity of movie enthusiasts everywhere.

In a latest interview, Sumanth Prabhas, the multi-talented filmmaker revealed the inspiration behind his name. Being an ardent fan of Prabhas, Sumanth, originally known as Sumanth Reddy, decided to honor his favorite actor by incorporating his name into his own.

Highlighting the film’s core theme, Sumanth emphasized the abundant energy possessed by today’s youth, often lacking proper direction. Mem Famous seeks to convey a powerful message that with the right encouragement and guidance, the potential of the youth knows no bounds.

In addition to Sumanth Prabhas, the film introduces around 50 talented young actors and technicians to the Telugu film industry, promising fresh talent and innovative storytelling.

Produced by Anurag Reddy and Sharath Chandra in collaboration with Chandru Manoharan of Lahari Films, Mem Famous features a stellar cast including Mani Aegurla, Mourya Chowdary, Saarya, and Siri Raasi in pivotal roles.