The Struggles of Akhil’s Agent?

The buzz surrounding the Akkineni-starrer Agent, directed by Surender Reddy, seems to be dwindling rather than increasing with each update. The film was initially planned as a pan India release, but the lack of proper promotions and delays in the shoot have hampered its progress.

Despite Akhil’s impressive fitness regime shared on social media, the official posters and song updates have failed to generate much interest among audiences.

Furthermore, the film’s budget has reportedly skyrocketed from the initial estimate of 40 crores to a staggering 70 crores, adding to the pressure for the movie to perform well at the box office. However, with the current lack of hype surrounding the film, it remains to be seen whether it can meet these expectations.

Overall, it appears that the film’s production team may have underestimated the importance of effective marketing and timely updates in building excitement and anticipation for the release of Agent. Unless they can turn the tide and reignite interest in the film, it may struggle to make a splash in the highly competitive Indian cinema market.