Will Vijayamma’s September 2 meet of YSR friends end up as a failure?

Will YS Vijayamma’s proposed September 2 meeting of YSR’s colleagues and fellow travellors end up as a huge failure? Will it become a fiasco of unimaginable proportions? Will the failure of the meeting spell political doom for whatever political aspirations that YS Vijayamma may have? The political circles are hotly debating this issue these days.

The biggest problem is that despite the unstinted love and affection for YSR, he is no longer relevant in both states. It has been 12 years after YSR has passed away in a tragic chopper crash. Many of his followers are now in different stages of their political life and are in vastly differing political parties. For instance, KVP Ramachandra Rao, who was variously described as the soul-mate and alter-ego of YSR, is in the Congress Party and his future is tied to Telangana. Another close follower of YSR is Raghuveera Reddy. He has taken to spiritual life and is keeping a safe distance from politics. Another close follower is Vunavalli Arun Kumar, who is now out of politics and confines himself to Rajahmundry.

Similarly, Sabitha Indra Reddy, Sunitha Laxmareddy and DK Aruna are in TRS and BJP respectively. D Srinivas, who was the PCC chief during YSR rule, is a Rajya Sabha MP from TRS, but is almost inactive in politics. Konda Surekha couple is now back to Congress after a stint in TRS. Thus most of the leaders are now charting their own courses and may now try to keep away from anything associated with YSR. Ditto with Komatireddy brothers. Even now they are considered quite close to the YSR family, but they may not like to associate themselves with YSR.

Perhaps Vijayamma should have realized that 12 years is a long time in politics and being associated with YSR now could be damaging for several of his colleagues now. Let’s wait and see how things pan out and whether the name of YSR still has any allure left in politics.