A Special App For Movie Collections!

Movie collections are a never ending topic in the film industry. Barring the producer, no one really knows how the movie fared at the box office. While the producers post whatever numbers they want in the Indian market, the situation is quite different in the overseas market. We usually see media spreading some numbers while the fans post another set of figures. Producers do this to hold the records in the name of star heroes but they deny those figures when someone important asks them.

After GST came into existence, the black business in Tollywood got reduced to some extent. Around 90% of the business which is being done is white nowadays. In order to show the accounts correctly in the Nizam area, the Mythri Movie Makers is reportedly developing an app. As it is known, they recently entered the distribution business. Sources say that they did perfect distribution business for the two big releases this Sankranti season.

But there are a few pickings at the theatre level as some of them kept 20-100 tickets for themselves in some areas. After catching them, the idea of an app came into existence. This app is going to be loaded into the phones of exhibitors and they need to enter how many tickets got sold after every show. After every show, the collections in Nizam will be immediately updated. Currently, this app is limited to movies that are being distributed by the Mythri company. There are plans to develop this app further and make it bigger. Let us wait and see if it happens or not.