Airlines Company Slapped With A Fine In Mid-Air Urination Row!

Air India airlines landed in a big controversy after a passenger who was in a drunk state reportedly urinated on a female passenger when the air carrier was in the middle of the journey. The Air India flight was on its way to India’s capital Delhi from New York.

The issue raised many eyeballs. What’s even more shocking is that the cabin crew did not respond to the complaint raised by the victim who is an elderly woman. The issue came to light after the victim wrote a letter to the Chairman of Air India airlines recalling the horrific experience she had on the journey.

This caught everyone’s attention and several questions were raised against the management of Air India as to why no action was taken on the accused. The airlines imposed a ban on the accused Shankar Mishra from flying on company flights for not less than four months.

Now the Air India airlines management and Pilot-in-command faced the heat of the incident. The Civil Aviation Regulatory body Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) slapped the airlines company with a fine of Rs 30 lakhs. The Pilot also faced a blow.

As per the information, the Pilot-in-command was held responsible for failing to discharge the duties and his license was suspended for three months. AI’s Director-in-flight services was also slapped with a fine of Rs 3 lakhs in this regard.

“Air India (AI) passenger urinating case of Nov 26 | DGCA imposes a fine of Rs 30 lakhs on Air India for violation of rules, suspends the license of Pilot-In-Command of the flight for 3 months for failing to discharge his duties&Rs 3 lakhs fine on AI’s Director-in-flight services,” News Agency ANI said on the issue.

The shocking incident was reported on the 26th of November last month. The accused works at the American firm Wells Fargo. After the issue came to light the company sacked him from the position. The Police arrested him in connection with the case and sent him to judicial custody for two weeks. However, Mishra alleged that the woman urinated on herself and is framing him.