‘Buddy’ Glimpse: An Entertaining Action Ride Awaits Us!

After a couple of setbacks, stylish hero Allu Sirish has taken a break and decided to come up with something interesting and engaging. He is now, arriving with one such crazy project titled ‘Buddy’. On the occasion of Sirish’s birthday, the team released a glimpse that is quite vibrant, stylish and entertaining.

Taking a leaf out of the ‘Ted’ film series, the movie revolves around a talking teddy bear. The glimpse shows that a group of masked men have put a huge reward on the ‘Buddy’ and everyone thinks that it is easy to kill him. But there is Allu Sirish who protects his ‘Buddy’ and this is going to make way for a lot of fun, action and adventure.

The glimpse definitely impresses and Allu Sirish looks very stylish in it. The colors are very vibrant and create an impact while it is the background score that definitely steals the show. The release date of this movie is yet to be announced.

Apart from Sirish, the movie has Ajmal Amir, Prisha Rajesh Singh, Mukesh Kumar, Mohammed Ali and others playing key roles. Studio Green banner is producing this film while Sam Anton is the director. ‘Hip Hop’ Tamizha is the music composer while Krishnan Vasant is the director of photography. Senthil is the art director while Ruben is the editor. Sai Hemanth is the writer of this flick while Sakthi Saravanan is the action director.