Makers Of ‘Mem Famous’ Lose Their Cool!

The success and failure of a movie depends on whether the audience like the film or not. The negative propaganda has become quite common on social media these days. As we know, social media is a place where one can express their opinions without any hurdles or filters. Everyone have their own opinion and they are not afraid to put it on social media. We have seen a lot of people spreading bad talk on star hero films while fans spread positive talk.

But none of the star heroes and big directors respond on the negative comments they receive all the time. As we know, people who criticize feel that they are entitled and big names know better than not to indulge in some petty social media fights. But it looks like the team of ‘Mem Famous’ have not understood this situation.

In fact, Chai Bisket and Lahari Films have released a lot of short films on YouTube before entering films which means that they are experts in handling social media affairs. They are the ones who bankrolled ‘Mem Famous’ and it got mixed talk right from the morning shows. The collections are decent but the ‘Jathiratnalu’ level of success which was expected by the makers were not achieved.

It looks like they have come to a conclusion that it is all because of negativity on social media. They have arrived in front of the media and started giving strong replies to people who spread negativity and do trolling online. They dared those people to directly have an interaction and challenged them to come to a decided venue.

Producer Sarath and director Sumanth Prabhas have vented out saying that trolling and negativity have gotten out of hand when they are trying to encourage new talent. They are quite angry about this issues and it looks like they have set their minds already on why ‘Mem Famous’ did not become a bigger hit.