Mahesh Babu’s side income hitting the roof

Mahesh Babu is a favorite for brand endorsement deals. He shoots not less than 1 ad per month, and of course, is fairly compensated for it.

The latest update is that Mahesh has shot another ad for a clothing line brand in Hyderabad recently.

Mahesh is pocketing big bucks for his contributions to these brand endorsement deals and he is said to be a happy man now.

Mahesh barely shoots for a day or in most cases half a day but given his face value, he is pocketing crores through these deals.

Mahesh’s following amongst the family audience is working like a charm for him as brands are queueing up to sign him as the face of their products.

Mahesh is currently filming with Trivikram’s SSMB28 and he has a film with Rajamouli lined up.