Hey, Naidu’s net worth only Rs 3.87 crore!

At last, Telugu Desam Party president and former Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has declared the assets of his family members, including that of his wife N Bhuvaneshwarly, son Nara Lokesh, daughter-in-law Nara Brahmani and grandson Nara Devansh, for the financial year ending March 31, 2019.

The assets were declared by Lokesh at a press conference in Mangalagiri on Thursday. This year, the declaration of assets was delayed inordinately.

In 2017, it happened in October and in 2018, it happened in the first week of December. As usual, Lokesh claimed that there is the only political family to declare the assets in the most transparent manner.

And believe it or not, the net worth of Naidu’s assets has been put at Rs 3.87 crore.

His total assets, including his house at Jubilee Hills and at Naravaripalle in Chittoor district, his ambassador car and the value of his national savings certificates, are worth Rs 9 crore. This also includes Rs 74.10 lakh in the form of cash and balance in Savings Bank Accounts.

Naidu has loans and liabilities to the extent of Rs 5.13 crore including housing loan from Bank of Baroda. This would mean, the net worth of his assets is Rs 3.87 crore. This is slightly higher than the last year’s figure of Rs 2.99 crore. Last year, Naidu had liabilities worth Rs 5.31 crore and total assets worth Rs 8.31 crore. He showed that the amount in his savings accounts worth around Rs 4.8 lakh in banks. Even now, he still owns an Ambassador car of 1993 model, which is worth around Rs 1.5 lakh.

On the other hand, Naidu’s wife Nara Bhuvaneswari, holds net assets worth Rs 39.58 crore. Her total assets are worth around Rs 50.62 crore and liabilities are worth around Rs 11.04 crore. Last year, her net worth was Rs 31 crore, including total assets worth Rs 53.3 crore and the remaining liabilities.

Similarly, Lokesh has net assets worth Rs 19 crore. He holds total assets worth Rs 24.70 crore and liabilities of Rs 5.70 crore. By March end in 2018, he had net assets worth Rs 21.4 crore, with total assets of Rs 27.29 crore and liabilities of Rs 5.88 crore.

Lokesh’s wife Nara Brahmani holds net assets worth Rs 11.51 crore, with total assets being Rs 15.68 crore and liabilities of Rs 4.17 crore. In March 2018, she had shown Rs 7.72 crore as net assets and Rs 13.38 crore as total assets.

Finally, Lokesh’s son Nara Devansh, has total assets worth Rs 19.42 crore, compared to Rs 18.71 crore the previous year. He has no liabilities.

Now, it is up to you whether to believe these figures or not. Lokesh has made it clear that all the figures are according to their book value or purchase value, and not the present market value.