Jr. NTR to Play Negative Role in Prashant Neel’s ‘Dragon’?

The Telugu film industry is abuzz with excitement surrounding the upcoming collaboration between director Prashant Neel and superstar Jr. NTR. Titled “Dragon,” the film promises to be a high-octane action extravaganza with a surprising twist – Jr. NTR reportedly playing a character with negative shades.

Neel, known for his explosive directorial style showcased in blockbusters like “KGF,” is said to have crafted a character for Jr. NTR that resonates with the film’s title, “Dragon.” Dragons, symbolic of evil and turmoil in European mythology, hint at a complex and potentially villainous role for the actor. This marks a significant departure from Jr. NTR’s usual heroic persona and has generated immense interest among fans and critics alike.

The film’s European backdrop further fuels speculation about the nature of Jr. NTR’s character. This is not uncharted territory for the actor, who has previously displayed his versatility by portraying antagonist roles, most notably in “Jai Lava Kusa” where he played a captivating triple role. His ability to breathe life into multifaceted characters is a cornerstone of his successful career, and “Dragon” is poised to offer him another challenging and transformative performance.

Produced by Mythri Movie Makers, “Dragon” is currently in pre-production and is expected to begin filming soon. The prospect of Prashant Neel’s signature action sequences coupled with Jr. NTR’s portrayal of a complex anti-hero promises to be a thrilling cinematic experience for audiences worldwide.