Koilamma 22nd June episode online

In the latest episode of Koilamma, Ramesh Chandra loses his calm learning that Manoj insulted Kokila at the recording theatre. He lashes out at Manoj and decides to teach him a lesson.
Manoj and Ashok come home. As Indraja tries to tell Manoj that Sindhu was here a while ago, Manoj informs her about Kokila. Ashok tells Lakshmi that Kokila has become quite arrogant and they had to teach her a lesson at the recording theatre. Manoj curses Kokila. Lakshmi worries about Ramesh Chandra’s response to the issue.
Sindhu returns home to find Ramesh Chandra extremely furious with her father. She faces Ramesh Chandra’s ire for visiting her mother against his order. He further decides to sue Manoj for insulting Kokila. He calls Amar and his lawyer, and commands them to initiate the legal proceedings.
Manorama rejoices the spat between Ramesh Chandra and Manoj.
Sindhu reprimands Kokila for instigating Ramesh Chandra against her and Manoj. Even Sameer curses Kokila and adds that Sindhu would kick her out of the house very soon. Kokila has an emotional outburst. She loathes her ill fate and blames god for her misery. She later requests Amar to stop Ramesh Chandra but he replies that the situation is totally out of his control.