Manchu Lakshmi responds to dispute b/w Vishnu & Manoj

It is a known that all is not well between Manchu Mohan Babu’s children, Vishnu and Manoj. Recently, Manoj took the differences between their brothers to public by posting a clip of Vishnu manhandling the men of the former at his residence. In the video, the younger brother accused Vishnu’s misbehaviour with his friends and family members.

Even though Manoj’s video was removed immediately after the intervention of Mohan Babu, the damage was already done. Now, Manchu Lakshmi has reacted to the recent controversy between the Manchu brothers. Responding to the issue, she said that it was a normal quarrel between brothers at home and not make unnecessary fuss over it. She also revealed that it will be settled soon and requested not to spread any fake news over it.

It is heard that Manchu Vishnu didn’t like Manoj getting married to Bhuma Mounika in his 2nd marriage. This led to differences between them for the past few weeks.