Nagababu in tension because of Roja?!

We all loved the duo of Nagababu and Roja in Jabardast. So much that the show felt invincible at a point of time.

The audience also opined that Jabardast cannot survive if either of Roja or Nagababu quit. It was from many years that the show had run successfully no matter how many challenges were faced.

But the unexpected had happened a few weeks ago and Nagababu had quit the show all of a sudden. Nobody knew what was to be expected in his vacancy.

Then appeared Singer cum Actor cum Anchor, Mano. People had a surprise, but a pleasant one. Though it is not as entertaining as before with Mano having a lot of pressure to stand up to replacing Nagababu, he’s doing his best.

He had joined another show Adhirindi in Z Telugu. The show is not that great in ratings but sources say even if Nagababu reconsiders his decision, Mallemaala Entertainment has put a no-entry board to him. Now seems like Nagababu is worried how Roja is doing well without him.